Better Jugglers Use Fewer Balls


Another Sleepless Night
If anyone had stopped in to visit me at 1:30 this morning they would have found me sorting through mountains of statistical data associated with vehicle safety, trying to validate a hypothesis based on a multitude of data points. Realizing I was in full information overload I considered Occam’s Razor.

“Razor” is defined as a principle, or rule of thumb. “Occam” (actually Friar William of Ockham) is said to have developed a problem-solving principle that suggests one should seek an explanation in terms of the fewest possible causes, factors, or variables. His theory also conveys a belief that when faced with competing hypotheses, we should choose the one with the fewest assumptions. Therefore, “Occam’s Razor.”

After I employed Occam’s principles, validation came quickly and the variables I’d been juggling quickly aligned and supported the hypothesis. Better yet, the resulting information is clear, supportable, and marketable.

The Moral to this Story…
Overthinking is Counterproductive.


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