Steve Fowler Political Flyers.pngMy first run at political office was against future U.S. Senator Mark Begich. Election Day was April 18, 1995. I’ll always remember that day because I awoke on the 19th expecting to see election news, but rather saw reports of an explosion at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. National news alerts, a result of actions by terrorist Timothy McVeigh, were all about the deaths and carnage in Oklahoma City. I’ll never forget that terrible day.

I was 25 pounds lighter after a hard fought battle against a powerful incumbent. Mark Begich and I engaged in a tough campaign, but never went into the gutter. Although I disagreed with his policies, I held respect for Mark (and still do). Some of his surrogates played dirty pool, but I remained steadfast in conducting my affairs above board and with full transparency.

For those who haven’t traveled down the political path, please know it is a sacrificial activity. I paid a huge price for my candidacy, but wouldn’t change anything I did. Although it’s been many years, I do want to once more thank those unsung heroes who helped behind the scenes like Susan Fischetti, my campaign manager; Tuckerman Babcock, my political strategist; dozens of sacrificial contributors like Stephen and Erdmuthe Johnston; my family for their loving support; and Mark Begich for remaining true to his word to wage an honorable fight.

Many good individuals appeared on ballots throughout our nation yesterday and I tip my hat to them for their sacrifices and hard work; regardless of their success or failure to win the votes they needed in their quest for victory.


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Steve provides ghostwriting services that include online articles and White Paper development. Additional writing services include collaborating with clients needing assistance in drafting critical correspondence, and other written works, tailored to specific goals.

Steve is also available as a consultant for businesses needing to identify underlying issues impacting business viability; as well as the development and deployment of solutions necessary to improve profitability, culture, and opportunities.

For further information call: (520) 800-3773

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