rear end collision,


My parents raised me to respect and follow rules, but I didn’t always follow their guidance very well. After becoming a father I moved much closer to consistency in adhering to established norms, rules, and laws. I work hard to conduct my affairs consistent with various established canonical principles, while working to enhance my personal character leveraging conscience and conviction. Others often make fun of me for doing so. One area causing me much grief is my consistent desire to remain at or below speed limits. I’m chastised by other drivers and my passengers when on the road, and teased by friends and colleagues in social situations. The upside is safety and more money in the bank. I’ve not had a citation in more than 20 years. Ha!

Then you have the narcissists who don’t follow rules. These personality types are constantly texting and reacting each time they receive a social media notification; even when their behaviors place other people at risk. Day or night, sleeping or awake, driving or walking, eating or even brushing their teeth. They incorrectly believe they are engaging socially and that people are truly interested that they just finished breakfast and are now brushing their teeth. Ugh! No nuance, body language, eye contact, common surroundings, similar visual cues, auditory distractions, or familiar smells to be enjoyed and shared by all involved. Just antisocial zeros and unsociable ones. A digital social Oz. Neither real, nor as big and important as believed by many; especially the narcissists.
Note: This author is not condemning either texting or social media. It’s just that many who use those tools have little restraint, exercise poor judgment, live with unreasonable expectations, and misplace reasonable priorities.

Narcissism Defined:
extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration

SelJeffrey Beall Smoking Question Authority.pngfish Driving Behaviors (e.g. Texting)
Unfortunately, societal norms across the globe are inconsistent with established Judeo/Christian principles that encourage and require submission to rules, ordinances, and laws. It seems at every turn the “Me First” and “If It Feels Good, Do It” people place societal good second to their own whims and desires.  They position themselves before others, pooh-pooh statistical warnings, and ignore common sense. Moreover, when it comes to certain rules, they are no longer in the minority. Violated rules include roadway speed limits and smartphone usage while operating motor vehicles where such activities are illegal.

California Texting Penalties
The fine for a first offense, including penalty assessments, is $76. A second offense is $190.

Heck, just drive down any highway or major street in Los Angeles. Existing laws and huge fines notwithstanding, you’ll find your vehicle surrounded by others, young and old, rich and poor who are placing your safe travels at risk by using their smartphones. The list is anything but exclusive. Although Governor Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver, was caught breaking cell phone laws, she wasn’t alone. Many who denounced her illegal behavior included high school administrators, members of the clergy, college students, lawmakers, and others who also continually violated the same laws.   

No Standing.pngThose with healthy purchasing power can somewhat diminish risk exposure, due to their own dangerous behaviors, by purchasing fine luxury cars with all the bells and whistles to alert them to dangers ahead while they’re busy texting. However, be warned, those technologies won’t protect you if a distracted driver is approaching you from behind in a car without such technologies and is busy texting; all the while subconsciously trying to convince themselves they are “smart” capable multitaskers. Drivers trailing your vehicle engaged in smartphone use place you and your passengers in grave danger of injury or death if their behaviors result in you becoming the victim of a rear-end collision.

14011105036_ebe8fe3266_oLaws Aren’t Working
Laws, training classes, and warnings won’t keep people from texting and engaging in other dangerous distracted driving activities. What then, Mr. Fowler, can we do to protect ourselves and our families?

In short, make certain your car has Sure Stop Technology® installed. Sure Stop is the ONLY product on the market that is (1) patented and designed to protect you after your car is fully stopped, (2) Made in the USA, (3) comes with a 100% lifetime 2x replacement guarantee, and (4) is effective in reducing vehicle accidents by up to 46%.
Contact Genesis Safety Systems for more information.


No Fishing photo courtesy of Steve Fowler
No Smoking photo courtesy of Jeffrey Beall
No Standing photo courtesy of Carl Nenzén Lovén
Pedestrian Sign photo courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns

About Genesis
Genesis Systems is the patent holder, manufacturer, and conveyor of miniaturized embedded computerized systems solutions for vehicle safety enhancement.

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