Meeting Customer Needs and Desires



Clients and customers enter into relationships with businesses because they are seeking assistance in meeting needs and desires. Are you and your staff providing a positive experience for your customers? Are you helping them in their quest for those needs and desires?

The photo above shows one man offering his hand to assist another. He could have just as easily stood fully erect and barked down that there are adequate handholds and the climber should find them himself. However, he chose to do the right thing to assist his fellow man in scaling the peak.

Unfortunately, we’ve all patronized businesses with that “erect” and “find it yourself” attitude.

In most cases, a given business has competitors who are also seeking to derive profits for providing assistance in meeting customer needs and desires? If they’re working harder than their competitors, to assist their customers in a friendly helpful manner, those customers will naturally continue to give their business to that entity. If mistreated, most customers will find a better place to do business.

It’s all about trading. Your customers and clients work hard to earn their money and, when engaged in buying decisions, will consciously and/or subconsciously evaluate whether the goods and services you provide are sufficiently valuable to warrant trading their hard-earned cash with you. If mistreated, or undervalued as a customer, that can skew the equation in a direction that will assist them in deciding to avoid engaging in a trade with a business having unhelpful unfriendly staff members.

Reach out to your clients and customers; and consistently assist them in a sincere, friendly, and helpful manner, so the trade of their hard-earned cash to you makes sense to them. Couple your trades with sincerity, helpfulness, and genuine affection for your customers. After all, they are the ones who feed you and place a roof over your head. Show your appreciation to them for considering you in meeting their needs and desires.

A Call to Action… Align your efforts, and those of your staff, to ensure you’re doing everything possible to consistently enrich the customer experience.


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