Executive Heads in the Sand?


Like most people, I knew little about corporate espionage. That was until I began interviewing Cola Fugelere while writing his biography, “SPY GAMES: Inside the Murky World of Corporate Espionage.” Until he retired, Fugelere was perhaps North America’s most prolific successful corporate spy.

It seems corporate and government leaders are slowly waking up to the problem. I’m sure Fugelere’s revelations in SPY GAMES is enlightening more than a few business and political leaders. I believe the awakening is reflected well in many headlines discoverable on the Internet. Here are just a few:

December 2018 CTV News (CA):
Spying on Canada: Commercial espionage and the threat to Canadian business

December 2018 World Economic Forum (UK):
MI6 chief calls for espionage 4.0 in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

December 2018 The Wall Street Journal (US):
The Morning Download: FBI Cites Chinese Espionage as Top National Security Threat
[the threat focus: business, industrial, and economic espionage]

December 2018 The Australian (AU):
China targets Australia, US with economic espionage operation

December 2018 The Newsroom (NZ):
NZ caught in Beijing’s corporate espionage

It’s not China folks. In 2006 Christopher Burgess (former CIA) and Richard Power (CSI & DTT) wrote an eye-opening article:

Industrial Espionage: Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost
How industrial espionage and intellectual property theft destroy businesses and endanger the global economy.

In that piece, they clearly identified the threat. Cola Fugelere complemented their high-level revelations in SPY GAMES, where he went into detail about the dangers and how espionage agents steal intellectual property. We encourage you to read Fugelere’s book (Amazon.com), as well as the Burgess/Power article. Click here to read the Burgess and Power article.

Fugelere and Power/Burgess underscore the dangers. They say too many business leaders who are running and securing small to medium-sized companies are at far greater risk than they realize.

“No Evil” image courtesy of Gene Brooks

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