An Excerpt from the New Book: “The 1 System: A Lifestyle Diet” by Steven Fowler


“The 1 System: A Lifestyle Diet” by Steven Fowler is available
worldwide in Kindle and print versions through Amazon.

Endorsed by Harry L. Greene II MD. Dr. Greene spent 34 years in medicine. His various postings include the Sydney Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, University of Massachusetts (Primary Care and Preventive Medicine), Stanford University, and the University of Arizona. He also served as Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Medical Society (17,000 doctors) and Publisher of The New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Greene has edited or co-edited 7 medical textbooks, and worked under grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; translating his work into Russian, for primary care physicians in that nation.

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Important Consideration for Young Thin People

Steve and Tracey T1S Wedding PhotoTracey and Steve Fowler


Eating smart when young and thin, and developing
healthy eating habits earlier in life, will sustain most
as they transition through the aging process.

Young people don’t really think it will happen to them. We certainly didn’t.

One day, many who are now young and thin, will have weight management issues. Taken on our wedding day, this is a photo of Tracey and me. I’m sure neither of us would have guessed on that day that we’d eventually consider and/or fret about our weight, in one manner or another, nearly every day as we ventured into middle age. I believe to the core of my being, if I would have adopted “The 1 System” when I was young and thin, my life would have even better.

Our two children have been a real blessing. After they were born, Tracey remained thin. She was always on the thin side. Then we transitioned through our 30’s. Things began to change. Then she and I crossed into our 40’s. The change continued.

Over the years, insidious sneaky fat cells began to accumulate on both of us. Once those pesky adipocytes (fat cells) took hold, they became more and more difficult to manage.

We know what we are,
but know not what we may become.
– William Shakespeare

Shakespeare only revealed part of the matter. We knew we weren’t overweight on our wedding day, but good old William didn’t tell us what would become of those firm, lean bodies of ours.

I thought of our two younger slimmer bodies shortly before “The 1 System” was published. A young woman we know chided me when I offered to send her a signed copy of the printed version of my book. Some months ago a very slim “K” gave birth to her first child. That new mother was joking (I hope) and asked, “Are you telling me I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet?”

Trying to tactfully dig myself out of the hole I’d created, I responded with, “I’m not very smart, but I am smarter than that. I like living. Who knows… Perhaps a chubby friend of yours might see ‘The 1 System’ sitting on your coffee table and rush to buy a thousand copies.”

After mulling the matter over for a while, I recalled something said by Emerson.

The only person you are destined to become,
is the person you choose to be.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson was correct. However, as a young person, I never stopped to consider the wisdom of his words in the context of weight management as I aged. I never consciously regarded weight choices as something I should address while still slim. I probably thought I’d address weight issues if and when weight became a problem.

I’ve learned weight is generally a symptom of three underlying problems — lethargy, quantity, and type (detailed in the next section); in one combination or another. If eating and physical activity habits in my twenties were better and more in line with “The 1 System,” I doubt those 3 or 4 extra additional pounds in my 30’s would have materialized. The extra dozen pounds discovered in my 40’s are clearly related to bad eating habits I adopted in my 20’s.

Face it, twenty-year-old kids can usually get away with poor eating habits and food binges without too many short term problems. However, add ten years to the person, and things begin to change. Add another decade. Cause and effect changes entirely. Poor eating habits reveal themselves in unflattering unhealthy ways.

The same pizza night twenty years ago affected my body much differently than it would today. While in college I really enjoyed Hot Fudge Sundaes, with extra nuts and fudge. Today that awesome treat would cost my body dearly in a number of disturbing ways.

If I hadn’t adopted “The 1 System” in my 40’s, I would be that 400 pound man my wife knows could be me. Without “The 1 System” I believe I would still be over-indulging and harming myself by eating too much pizza, too many ice cream treats, and stuffing myself with other unhealthy tasty items on a daily basis.

In short, I believe young people would benefit greatly by adopting the precepts presented in “The 1 System” while they are still young. Eating smart when young and thin, and developing good healthy eating habits earlier in life, will sustain young people as they transition through the aging process. It’ll reduce their struggles, keep them in comfortable clothing longer, and serve their health well.

Images courtesy of Steve Fowler and Two Loons Press
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