SALES is a Contact Sport


The Space You Occupy is Sales
It is a fluid and unpredictable space, filled with challenges, disappointments, rejection, and other obstacles hindering success.

Sales isn’t golf, jogging, or swimming.

Sales is a contact sport like Boxing, Fléche (Fencing), or Jiu-Jitsu. In contact sports like these, you have to attack, sidestep, parry, punch, and counter-punch. Sales efforts are no different.

The more you engage with prospects, the sooner you’ll improve your moves and build your confidence. In sales, you will never MASTER or PERFECT your skills, you’ll just get better over time. It will become easier. In time you’ll learn to finesse your moves, improve your balance, and create more opportunities for success.

Don’t spend all your time thinking and planning. There’s no perfect plan. Thinking and planning present opportunities for diminishing returns. If you spend all your time strategizing, you’re wasting time you could be investing in the actual sales process.

There is no perfect system, manner of approach, or pitch. Play to your audience. As with Fencing, Boxing, or Jiu-Jitsu, you need to adjust to changing circumstances.

There’s no perfect time. Don’t overthink or spend too much time anticipating the perfect moment or considering the perfect approach. Just do it.

Progress and improvement will come, but perfection will always elude you. Don’t look for perfection, it doesn’t exist in the sales arena.

No matter what you’re selling, your presentation begins and ends with a confident approachable appearance. Present your self with your head held high; clothed in appropriate attire and wearing an honest smile on your face.


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