SUCCESS: Making the Grade

MOTIVATIONAL BUSINESS FORMULAS ideas plus team executeThe last incarnation of my “Success” series quoted what is probably the most common statement uttered by Venture Capitalists: “Great ideas are a dime a dozen.” Cola Fugelere agrees wholeheartedly.

VC’s understand that ideas need implementing. Implementation requires a great team and the ability to execute. Surround yourself with the best of the best. Hardworking individuals who understand and embrace teamwork, and are willing to do what it takes to execute the idea.

Last week I looked upon an amazing anthill in the desert southwest. The earth moved by those tiny ants would easily fill two wheelbarrows. That’s a reflection of teamwork and execution. An ant with an idea about building a great anthill will never move a single grain of sand without the desire and ability to execute. In business, a good team is essential to successful execution.

I (Ideas) plus T (Teamwork) plus X (Execution)
RPSL (Revenues, Profitability, Success, and Longevity)


This article has been reprinted by WPC, with the express permission of Cola Fugelere’s Institute for Motivation in Business. Cola Fugelere, now reformed and retired, was a successful Corporate Spy and author of “SPY GAMES: Inside the Murky World of Corporate Espionage.” Two Loons Press provided permission permitting the reprint of the included image.

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