Everything in Your Home!

Leonard’s Truck
Eagle/Werner Freightliner Cascadia

Most people don’t realize just how vital truckers are to them in their everyday lives. We get frustrated with truck drivers on the highways. They irritate us in our communities when they’re blocking the road (city streets and intersections are designed for cars and small trucks, not tractor/trailer rigs). People generally consider them a nuisance. Consider this…

With very few exceptions, just about everything in your home and at your workplace came in a trailer, pulled by a tractor. A semi.

A big rig probably delivered your car to the dealer. Your furnishings, the paint on your walls, the underlying sheetrock, wiring, insulation, wood and metal studs, other structural components, plumbing, flooring, lighting, cookware, appliances, clothing, foodstuffs, linens, paper products, windows, electronics, etc… all came on a truck. The same could be said for school houses, shopping centers, hospitals, and movie theaters. Yep, all made possible by the dedicated, largely invisible, under-appreciated truck driver. After walking in their shoes for a short time and traveling their roads, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for truckers. They’ve earned my respect and appreciation.


Steve Fowler is an author, long haul truck driver, blogger, safety and security professional, biographer, and professional ghostwriter. Steve is the author of “SPY GAMES: Inside the Murky World of Corporate Espionage.” He collaborated with Dr. Harry L. Green, retired physician and former publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine in the development of a weight maintenance/diet plan called, “THE 1 SYSTEM, A Lifestyle Diet that Really Works.” His Author Page, printed books, audiobooks, and Kindle Editions can be found on Amazon.com and Audible.com. Fowler has also written about a real American Hero Chance Phelps. Steve Fowler’s widely acclaimed piece “I Killed a Little Boy” was written in response to the growing distracted driving epidemic. Steve has written a myriad of business-related articles. Steve and his wife, Tracey, reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.

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Steve provides ghostwriting services that include online articles and White Paper development. Additional writing services include collaborating with clients needing assistance in drafting critical correspondence, and other written works, tailored to specific goals.

Steve has occasional availability as a consultant for businesses needing to identify underlying issues impacting business viability; as well as the development and deployment of solutions necessary to improve profitability, culture, and opportunities.

For further information leave a detailed voice or text message at: (520) 800-3773

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  1. Good article! As NYC Governor, Cuomo, said recently, “If you want to go back to work, go get an essential job!” So, Steve did! And Thank you.


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