On Frozen Ground

THE ARCTIC PLUNGE OF 2021 Fowler’s Big Rig Chronicles Steve Fowler’s Freightliner at a Rest Area in Missouri FEB 2021 … More

Everything in Your Home!

With very few exceptions, just about everything in your home and at your workplace came in a trailer, pulled by a tractor. A semi. … More

An Excerpt from SPY GAMES

Chance Phelps Lance Corporal Chance Russell Phelps United States Marine Image courtesy of John Phelps http://www.JohnPhelps.com NOTE: The information presented … More

Life’s Too Short

Is Your Job Worth Your Life? Is your job killing you? Perhaps. If you’re working in a stressful environment, expect … More

SYNERGY: SST and Autonomous Vehicles

This White Paper Report was commissioned to determine the ability for, and nature of, a symbiotic efficacy of SST and Autonomous … More

What’s in a Name

HOME Dale Carnegie is known to have said: “A person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest, most important sound … More

WHITE PAPER: Sure Stop Technology™

Client: Genesis Safety Systems Reprinted at WPC with permission of Genesis Safety Systems Standard Braking Indicators Fall Short In-vehicle distractions … More

Someone Just Died

As of 2016 (1) someone dies in a collision on American roads every 14.6 minutes and (2) more than 50% … More